Personal recognition

I recently read an article “Don’t wait for rewards, pat your own back” in The Economic Times. I really liked the subject and reminded me of how many times I have been telling people about the same in many different ways. I liked the way the author Priya Kumar elaborated the subject.

As a human nature, we all crave for recognition.  In fact it is a basic necessity of mind to feel good about oneself. Besides that, some forms of recognition act as a big motivator. Recognition need not be in the form of promotion or payhike. Simple words of appreciation, a small note either in front of your peer group or in private helps people to feel good. But in many organisations managers simply don’t realise it

But when this does not happen – your managers don’t recognise your efforts, your hardwork – what do you do? Do you get frustrated, do you stop working, does quality of your work get affected? Do you start doubting importance of your work? Do you feel lowly about your capabilities?

I have seen people going through some or many and at times all of the above feelings. This is not good and not correct. If someone else is not recognising your work, does not mean it is not worth recognition. We must make ourselves feel good by patting on our own back. We must make sure that we realise the importance and impact of the work that we do. As Priya Kumar has mentioned, we must reward ourselves, however small it is.

In the world where increasingly people are going to work from home, from remote places connected by internet, they would not be physically in same place. In such cases it would be even more important that we create own system of recognising ourselves regularly and keep positive feeling about ourselves.


3 Responses to Personal recognition

  1. bhagyashree says:

    Yes sachin…i can draw from my experience of the media world…. such a place of cut throat competition its totally abt whose story is appearing on front page and how big it is… there is hardly a hierarchy forget magnanmity of recognition…. so the only time one knows one has done a good job is when a rival paper publishes a follow up story either rubbishing yours or whatever and only time you feel u have arrived is when others in the competition is saying bad or foul things about you…. sorry but here men top the game…

  2. Kaustubh Patwardhan says:

    Hi Sachin,
    Very true….a good thought…In fact, I have observed something interesting at my home…We usually encourage Atharva by patting on his back for small small things(definitely big achievements for his age) he accomplishes, But if we forget doing that, he will pat his back himself :)….We all should be doing this…

  3. Sushant Dubey says:

    Well said..

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