Towards the victory for collaborative forces against mighty one?

May 19, 2010

Android Shakes Up U.S. Smartphone Market

First quarter 2010 information from The NPD Group’s Mobile Phone Track reveals a shift in the smartphone market, as Android OS edged out Apple’s OS for the number-two position behind RIM.

This news caught my attention more than anything.

Apple, which has been making great news through its iPad launch and ‘lost-found-sold-returned’  iPhone 4 , has given a new dimension to the smart phone market. Till Google launched Android platform and Nexus One phone, there was no real competition to iPhone in consumer segment.

When Google launched Android there were many sceptics, not many were convinced that it would be able to take on Apple’s iPhone. After all, Apple has millions of die-hard fans and it had taken a big lead in establishing the apps market. However in my January post I had argued that Google’s approach of getting more players to launch Android based phone has far more chances of winning against mighty Apple, than Google taking on Apple on its own.

Though the above news is based on one quarter data only, it is very encouraging. It says that more Andorid based phones have been sold than iPhone in the last quarter in USA This would give further boost and encourage more players to adopt Android platform.

For me, this brings hopes of having open platforms and more collaborative environment. This would mean faster innovation and transparency.


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