Adopting open source for the enterprises – Your guide in ASEAN and India

Question is not “should we adopt open source software”, question today in Singapore is “how should we go about adopting”. “What are the best practices, what are the learnings from the global enterprises, where to start from, how to select vendors” etc.

It is important to prepare for these questions, before you embark upon your journey of exploration.

Let me tell you from my own experience of selling open source solution for over 9 years, this journey is quite exciting. It unfolds many more benefits than what you would have anticipated, it debunks many myths that you would have heard from market, it also is a revelation of different software development practices that you would not have seen, but are immensely useful. This journey also lets you understand the limitations and practical usage of open source solutions. Getting to know the services providers is very interesting. You realise the talent and expertise available with the local vendors.

When you want to embark upon such a journey, you need a trusted advisor, who could work with you keeping your interest in mind.

Ashnik, the company that we started, aims to be your such guide. Ashnik provides these consulting services and brings you a network of partners to provide best solutions and services. Ashnik tied up with Xebia recently to bring services around Enterprise Collaboration solutions through Enterprise Java and Web 2.0 technologies to Singapore market. This business model itself is based on the collaboration principal. It aims to put your business on fast track by helping you adopt open source solutions.


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