Dad, you too ?

My son

After coming from school my son was telling me about his day in the school. He was in excited state (as usual) and he said, “I will tell you a joke”
“Ok”, I said.
” There was one boy and he always used to tell lies”, he continued, without waiting for my ok, “One day his father bought a robot, who would slap anyone every time a person told a lie. So when the boy came home, his father asked him, where had he gone”.
” I had gone to school”, the boy said, and the robot slapped him.
” No.. no.. i had gone…. umm….mmm”, the robot slapped the boy few more times
“Finally the boy told the truth, that he had gone to movie”
The father was very angry and sad.
He said, ” in our days, I was very obedient and truthful boy, not like you”.
And the robot slapped the father very hard. !!!

My son started laughing and went away. I also had a hearty laugh.
But then I became serious.

I thought about this joke and realised it has a potential power both ways – to destroy the little boys’ faith in their parents and also to bring him to the reality.

It is a fact that we are no saints. We have had our share of mistakes and are not perfect. But the little kids think of their parents as the world of paradise. As they grow up they start realising the chinks in the parents’ world. It is better that they come to know about the realities of the world.

Not sure how soon their world of wonderland should be busted.


2 Responses to Dad, you too ?

  1. hello Sachin,

    ur blogs bring a smile; Though not a parent yet, i believe kids can handle truth better than we give them credit for… i guess that’s when the transition from being just a parent to being parent+friend is really important…. wat say???

  2. Pankil says:

    Hi Sachin,

    This was really a good one.

    Hope all fine at home.


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