Why Some people in top management are afraid of growth?

Why Some people in top management are afraid of growth? Was the question asked recently. I tried to answer in the following way.

When they are among the Top Management they have reached the peak, they don’t know where to go next. Usually after the peak is downfall. So they are afraid of that.

When I look closely at this question, I realise there are two scenarios :

First is since you have reached the top, you can not go up further and you need to put in efforts to stay there. But then, to stay at the top you need different qualities than when you were climbing. Most people don’t know what does it mean.

Second is once you reach one peak, you need to create another peak (new challenges) to get that feeling of going up. But before you start climbing another peak, you have to get down or you have to learn new tricks. You need energy (drive) to get out of the comfort zone and recharge yourself. Either because of age or because of fear of failure many people don’t try these things and become insecure in their “Top” position.”


2 Responses to Why Some people in top management are afraid of growth?

  1. indra says:

    I think it depends on what type of Growth. As per Maslow, when an individual has passed through all the stages and reached to Self Actualization – where he/she has realise personal potential to fullest extend. This is the point where people start to become fully functional, acting purely on their own volition and having a healthy personality. I strongly beleive, at this point, they start sharing their knowledge, ideas in coporate words work towards Succession Planning and Employee Enguagement.

  2. Sankarshan says:

    So, if someone believes that they have reached the top isn’t that a contradiction in terms right there ? That means complacency has set in and the hunger to reach out has gone.

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