Mentor’s advice

I read an article in CIO magazine wherein 5 CIOs have shared what their mentors told them. One of the CIO said :

Be decisive.

“I had a wonderful mentor who told me the speed to make a decision is an important quality of an executive. When you move from being an analyst and developer—someone who expects to have all the data before making a decision—up to executive, you have to understand your gut feelings play more of a role. You reach a level where you’re being paid to rely on your experience. If you wait for every single data point, every time, you may be seen as indecisive or weak.”
-Robert Urwiler, SVP and CIO, Vail Resorts

This reminded me of one recent episode that I was watching on “Are you smarter than fifth grader”. There, the contestant was a professional poker player. He said that relying on only guts is not good nor was being overly logical. He said that when your combine logic with your guts it gives you best results. No wonder he went out with half a million doller kitty in his bag.

I am so happy to find validation for my thoughts that entrepreneurial way of decision making is so important and it pays.


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